🎵 about cantabile

At the moment, cantabile is the newsletter form of my website where you can get regular updates from my latest blog posts in your inbox.

I’m genuinely interested in a broad range of topics, and will try to write and share my learnings as much as I can (you can find out more on why I started blogging again and some topics I cover in this post).

How did I come up with the name cantabile

Truth be told, I’m really bad at naming. If you’ve visited my website, you know it’s just named after me.

However, this word always has a place in my mind, which I first came across from a Japanese drama called Nodame Cantabile. I really enjoyed watching it as a kid, and the word itself is simply beautiful.

In music, cantabile [kanˈtaːbile], an Italian word, means literally "singable" or "songlike". In instrumental music, it is a particular style of playing designed to imitate the human voice.

I hope everyone that happens to be here enjoys reading the newsletters, just like listening some chill music in a cozy afternoon.

So here it is, cantabile by chuxin (cc✌️).

👩🏻‍💻about me

Hi, I’m Chuxin 👋

I was born and raised in China, and currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Working as a data analyst at Canva, and formerly in leveraged finance in Hong Kong. I'm interested in reading, taking photos, and travelling; also learning painting and guitar for fun.

Wanna hang? Find me on twitter @chuxin_h.

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